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The TL;DR Version

✧  Berlyn  ✧ Canadian  ✧  Twenty-something  
✧  Freelance   Writer  ✧  Visual   Artist  
✧  Born-again Blogger  ✧ 
 ✧  Collector  of  Hobbies  
✧  Plant  Mama  ✧  Rat  Lady  ✧ 
✧  Latte  Lover  ✧  Thing  Maker  ✧  
✧  Skittlehead  ✧  Shutterbug  ✧  Illustrator 
✧  Business Owner  ✧  Thing  Maker  
✧  Coffee  Connoisseur  In  Training  
✧  Vocalist  ✧  Body  Mod  Enthusiast  
✧  Power of Positive Thinking  
✧  Gratitude is the Attitude   
✧ Live  Your  Truth  

About me

 I'm a Canadian gal who recently moved to "the 6ix" and I'm trying to make as much time as possible to explore my amazing city. I love plants, and since taking the opportunity to fill my apartment with them this summer, I've never been happier. I'm hoping that sharing what I'm reading on the blog will force me to make more time for books, because I truly miss being a book worm. My personal style changes day by day from 50's pin-up vixen to baby-bat, and everything in between. I love making things, and taking things apart to see how they work. Whether it's baking, drawing, making jewelry, taking photos, cooking up a storm, re-vamping old clothes/shoes/furniture, making my next cosplay, or just making a good cuppa joe, if I'm working with my hands I'm happy.

I began Amber Skies Designs as a way to share the jewelry I made instead of hoarding it all for myself (as much as I wanted to...) I am planning a shop re-launch soon, so stay tuned for details on that!

You can connect with me on:
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You can connect with  Amber Skies Designs on:
 etsy ✧ facebook   instagram