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Ich Bin Berlyn

This blog has been created to document events and experiences in my life, and share those with those who are interested in my day-to-day. While I love sharing the things I have created and/or discovered, please remember that all information provided on this site is based solely off of my own opinions/research/experiences.

This is a personal weblog, and as such, does not reflect the opinions of my employer(s), partners, or anyone who is not me, myself, and I (;

I reserve the right to screen all comments made on this site, and remove (without notice or explanation) anything that I deem rude/profane/harassing/attacking/spam and/or any comments or links posted that create a conflict of interest.

For Profit/Sponsorship

Affiliation and Affiliate Links
Occasionally a post may contain an affiliate link, which will be marked with (AL) after a posted link. This means that I may receive compensation if a purchase is made from following that link. I believe in transparency, and will always mark an affiliate link, as well as tag the post :Affiliate Link" so you know which products I am just raving about, and which ones I *may* get paid for raving about (;

As always, I will only be affiliated with sites/brands/companies/products that I truly love and stand behind. All opinions of these are solely my own, even if I have an affiliation with said site/company/product. Pinky promise.

Sponsoring IBB
I offer various options for hosting an ad on Ich Bin Berlyn through Passionfruit, LLC. All transactions will take place through their platform.
I reserve the right to refuse an ad, or terminate an ad without notice or refund, due to conflicts of interest and/or unethical business practices. I believe in sharing the love, but I am cautious about my partnerships; what I stand for and affiliate myself and my brand with are important to me, and adspace, sponsored posts, and blog buttons are not exempt from this.

Passionfruit Ads will be closing their doors at the end of the year. I will continue accepting ads through their system until December. I am currently looking into other sponsorship options, and will update with any new info on sponsorship as soon as possible.

Sponsored Items
I do accept items to be featured in outfit posts on the blog. Items of this nature will always be marked "c/o" (care of) and listed in the outfit details portion of a post. Please contact me with info before sending a product, as I will only advertise items that wholly fit my aesthetic in this way. Please note that items of this nature will not be returned.

Thank you for your understanding! (: